Pupil or Client Support Review

Working with people with autism requires specific skills, knowledge and understanding. Even with all these factors in place there may be times when deciding on the right support plan can be complicated and challenging.


At these times specialist guidance and practical support can help services to problem solve and make the reasonable adjustments needed to help better support individuals with autism.


Pupil/Client reviews offer detailed observation of the pupil/client in their setting alongside discussion with key staff specifically looking at:

  • Support for Communication - Considering the use of augmentative communication systems, use of language and understanding of the needs the person with autism.
  • Staff knowledge - Considering how well staff understand how to accommodate and adapt for the needs of the person with autism in your setting.
  • Behaviour management - How do staff interpret and react to the actions of the individual.
  • Teaching/Activities - Considering if teaching and learning in educational settings or activities provided in care settings are appropriately adapted to meet the needs of the person with autism.

Following a review a comprehensive report detailing key findings and any recommendations/suggestions for support will be provided.



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