Using visual support and structure - 3 hours

Many people with autism struggle to make sense of the world and may create routines,

display repetitive behaviours and very high interest levels in things we may struggle to understand. This is part of their way of coping and giving some meaning to a very confusing world.


By using visual supports and structure we can help people with autism feel back in control,

less anxious and enable them to particpate in the activities of everyday life.


Course aims:

  • Stress and anxiety - what to look for?
  • How can visual support help?
  • The use of structure and routine.
  • Creating effective visual supports.


This is a 1/2 day course delivered in your setting. (A certificate of attendance wil be provided).


Cost £200 ( up to 20 people).


This course can be offered with 'Understanding autism' as a whole day.


Expenses charged at 45p per mile outside of HU postcode area and accommodation charged if required.

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